Friday, April 15, 2011

Jandd Frame Pack Review

I got my Jandd frame bag a couple months ago and have got the opportunity to really test it out so far.  It's been on most of my bikes.  Overall the thing is almost perfect as indispensable as the seat bag (I also use a Jandd seat bag) I've carried many things in the bag and have been impressed with holding capacity.  It will hold my (not all at once of course) Camera, wallet, pump, multi-tool, a decent amount of food,  a 24oz can of beer, 2 16 oz cans of beer, gloves, hats.... and so on.  I was impressed that it is water proof.  It also works on large and medium frame bikes without reducing you to one water bottle.  The only negative is the straps on the one end are kind of odd and I don't know why they didn't use velcro instead of clamps.

So if you do any distance I suggest one of these, I like it better than my Arkel handlebar bag.

May 23 2011
I'm adding to this after Almonzo 100 mud fest.  After almost 4 hours in the rain and the mud the internal compartments of the bag were clean and dry! WOW.

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