Friday, April 8, 2011

Re-Working my goals for the year.

Originally I had a long list of crazy goals that I shoot for, most of them are for personal fulfillment more then anything.  However I stress over them and make huge sacrifices to try to achieve them.  So the first change I'm making is I'm not going to try for 10,000 miles of cycling this year,  I had a plan and I'm not very far behind even with my injury last month.  I did think it over the last week or so I got out with all 3 kids on a couple nice days in a row, and even though we only made it like 8 miles each day it was alot of fun and good for them, and me.  If I'm trying for huge milages I have to skip stuff like this and I can't.

10,000 miles

I'm still doing Cup 'o Dirt (going for all 3 cups)  Also I want to do one gravel metric with Austyn (8) on the Tandem.

10,000 miles
Cup O' Dirt
Tandem Century 
are you helping?

One goal is already done I wanted to not get any rides to work this year and I was able to commute all winter


10,000 miles
Cup O' Dirt
Tandem Century 
Commute all winter ✓

The rest of this list is as follows
Dirty Kanza (200 mile gravel race)
Almanzo 100
Summerset Shootout
24 hours of Seven Oaks (maybe)
Gravel World Championships

One night of camping with kids
More family rides
and Of Course : Cyclocross


Steph said...

Great job Courtney! :)

Anna said...

I love you honey!!! You're such a wonderful husband and father!!!!

Courtney said...

That's a huge huge exgageration (wish my wonderphone had spell check)

MrDaveyGie said...

egg-zactly Courtney. When I set that crazy goal last year, everything else went to the side. Almost all weekends, fun rides stopped, missed family time. Was to much. This year, I'm enjoying the ride, and taking the time to smell the roses.