Friday, April 8, 2011

Trail beers... its been a long time

I got a couple to go beers after work and finally got a patch kit fokr my commuter, after yesterdays close call. So I skip a pump since I have several at home. I think to myself maybe this is the day that I get a flat tire. so sure enough I get out to my bike and the tire is almost flat. So my couple of beers in loving trail beer on the levee. And the tire still has a little air in it so looks like a slow ride home from here. Fat tire ride tomorrow Ill be riding my tandem with Anna. Noon at el bait shop.

fosters australian for something like beer

this is also my first blog post using the microphone to text function on my new phone it works pretty good but it can't figure out travel is asian and punctuation very well

and I would have corrected that last part but it was way too funny!

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