Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trailerless park ride

I guess I can't call them trailer park rides anymore since the burleys have been out grown :(  But on the plus side the kids can ride the distance now.  Last night was 7.5 miles with about 5 miles of single track. Tonight was almost nine miles with a blacklabel and some super winds.  Patrick can avg 9 mph on a single speed 16" bike.  He complete the ride with us from my house to Colby Park and back (with a 20 minute break at the park) in 1 hour of ride time 8.9 miles.  I was impressed, the only kid complaining at the end was Abbie on the back of the tandem 'it's cold' I said stop soft pedaling and work and you will warm up.  However 16 miles in 2 days is alot for little legs, but the spring is only beginning.

Off the Front

Park Time

Windsor Heights has WAY too much money

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