Monday, August 31, 2009

Blame and new toys

So as everyone who has a job knows the only important thing in life is assigning the blame. After I purchased a new bike today I now will take time to assign blame. We will start locally. It could be Rassys fault for stocking the bike or Haros fault for making the bike or Citas fault for making the great trails to ride the bike on. Now that we ruled those out lets move on to bigger fish. It could be Chevys fault for the crappy venture van I traded in for a new car for my wife giving me the you didn't "need" a new car response to I need a new mountain bike (I meen this bike is safer right?) But after carfull consideration I've come up with the person who is to blame here is his picture :

Ya his "cash for clunkers" thing made me get a new car starting the chain reaction that has me waiting for the wife to get home so I can go ride the new bike I just got. So if obama were smart he would let me trade in my old truck for $4500 off a new road bike. Save gas much.

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Steph said...

nice idea:)
clunkers for bikes!!!