Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Crit race for the season.

I raced in the East Village crit yesterday. The first 4 laps I was able to hang in the main group however I soon realized that I could keep up for another 25 minutes so I fell back into the group that I could keep up with since there was no hope (or even hail mary chance) of even placing in this race for me I decided to hang were I could finish. I was in a group that got pulled after 7 laps. I still got a little practice and learned a few things about cornering the course was very fast and the large climb on the back of the course was long and turned in the middle. Average 21.6 mph and about 1:50 per lap and the leaders were at 1:40 per lap. We had a good time and a couple of beers (12 packs) after the race.

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