Friday, August 7, 2009

Excuses or something.

Tuesday night I went out for a long ride I was planning to ride about 45-50 miles and be home by 8:30 or so. I headed out around 6:20 for a north run down R30 then headed west on Minburn road. I was planning on coning back through Dallas Center and on the trail home, but the road from Dallas Center is gone and the "detour" I took was highway 44 (not the most fun road) to 169 (this road isn't bad) into Adel. So my ride turned into a 70 mile ride and I got home a 10:30.

Wednesday I headed out for the Taco ride planning a good night of spinning on the mountain bike (or 2 hours of hard climbing and chasing some of the faster riders. Good time though I finally made it over the angle log in denmans without face-planting.

Thursday after 9 hours of work I was planning to race in the Altoona Crit, but I was too tired and had a couple other excuses so I took the Family on a trailer ride for dinner.

Today I planned a century but I used the Thunderstorms and pouring rain as an excuses today. Riding in the rain is fun but not all day.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for dryish mountain bike trails and a good ride. Or gravel I guess.

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