Thursday, August 13, 2009

King of the mountain.

Well at least a small hill. Using Squirrels advise I finally was able to make it up the switchback on rollercoaster. As everyone knows the not bike walking factor makes a trail a lot more fun. After this great achievement and a full lap through center trails (13 miles) I headed for the taco ride. I jumped stuff in denmans that I haven't tried before and made it over all the logs (missing the very large one at the beginning) with this new found confidence (in mountain biking confidence not pride come before a fall, pride comes after a good fall) I was moving a lot faster and way too fast in just one corner where my front wheel slid in the tacky mudish stuff. If you've ever slid a front tire and 16 or so you know the result of that. There is mud on my shoulder, leg, helmet, butt, handlebars etc. However I got right back on the bike and managed to catch back up to the group. A faster run through Squirrels nest put me into the weeds but not to bad (pedal strike into a ledge) I headed up hillside with Kent, so after the top of the hill I was riding by myself (He is way too fast) got another 14 miles in and after a chain pulling/prying repair (not my bike) headed out for tacos.


Buckshot77 said...

Good job on the switchbacks. I remember the excitement I had when I first started cleaning them. Great point about confidence coming before the fall and pride after it. Too true!

Brian said...

Thanks for keeping me company on the chain pulling and prying.

Maverick said...

One Day.......... never mind