Sunday, August 23, 2009

Riding For/With Beer.

Started out Friday night with a ride downtown to the Baitshop for a couple with Rich and Mark. We each got a 24oz on the way down. We had a bait'n switch downtown and met up with Kyle and a couple others (sorry I suck at names even worse with beer) on fixies (I rode my fixie like I knew or something) A little urban assault (I'm really bad at jumping curbs on a fixie) and 3 more gas station beer stops and it was closer to midnight and we decided it was a good time go home.

Saturday was the Fat tire "Ride" (something about calling 10 miles a ride?) We rode all the way downtown to start the ride so we got 20 miles (the unbearable pain in my legs...) Okay so sarcasm is all lost in blogs. I of corse won the fat tire race, we were in a hard pull down railroad (Other people didn't want to ride on the busy street but we did it anyway) I had been pulling the group for 8 miles and was starting to break away at a blazing 13mph (good thing I've done so much training) I did think before the ride that the 38x17 gearing was to low but I was wrong. Overall the ride was a lot of fun the only thing that would have made it better is a fat tire cruzer from new belgium. Or a 60 mile gravel hammer fest before the ride.

Today was back to work and the only thing that would make that better would have been a sick day and 100-150 miles on any bike/ any terrain even snow.

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