Thursday, August 20, 2009

Riding the Storm out. (I mean drinking the storm out)

After a PR to Martensdale from home last night (1:04/ 21 miles on the fixie) then a fairly quick ride back to cummings tap (still kept 20mph pace) I stopped for some (Pitcher) beers on the patio and was waiting for some of my bagger friends to stop at the tap. Everyone arrived like 45 minutes later around 8:30 or so (that was about the time the rains started) Bob said it looked like it would pass soon , so 1 more pitcher of the light stuff and 3 hours later it stopped raining enough to ride back (so I'll be home around 10:30 in my language means I see you at 1:30) Overall a good ride.

Not much riding today rode with my oldest for 4 miles (this is a good distance Austyn says) in 30 minutes not bad for a 6 year old on 16" bike. Austyn also learned drafting on the trail the headwind was brutal even at 8mph.

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Steph said...

Good times.. good times :)