Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not Alone

The past few day I've gotten the wonderful experience of riding with other people and not my I-pod. Sunday morning I rode with Mike on center trails for a couple of hours. Got home and ready to go to church at 11am fortunately none of my vehicles work right now so this means a bike ride to church with burley trailer and a tadpole. I don't think my wife appreciates this as much as I do. We left church in the pouring rain for my dad's house (about 15 miles) to try his newest brew (double ipa) and it was good. Last night I met up with Nick for a quick ride to martensdale followed by of course a pitcher at the tap (and a to-go Old Style at the lean-to) Nick rode a cross bike and I brought my fixie (I finally brought the gun to the knife fight hahaha). Today is my friday so I'll go for a solo ride tonight I guess but the company has been good for me. PS if anyone is riding tonight I want to do a 3.5 hour metric or so and could use company.

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