Monday, October 11, 2010

Ahquabi 'mullet classic'

I did the mullet classic yesterday. Raced Single speed had a 7.5 miles course with several long grinding climbs and very rooty sections. I didn't miss my gears but I did miss my shock. I did however win a pair of Oakleys for Anna, I was the first one to show up wearing a Mullet wig.

Lap one started with a shotgun start 130 of us launched at the 'single track'. I brushed handle bars shoulders and elbows. Then onto the first hill and the passing begins. On the Single speed you cant just slow down to 5 mile per hour and grind you have to go around in the roots and weeds to keep it upright. The first lap I was with a couple different groups for most the lap ended at 42 minutes

Lap 2 I was feeling the pain and was catching up to a couple other riders. I spotted a rassy kit ahead on a 26" bike I knew had to be Jason. I caught up to him and rode the rest of the lap with his group. 41 minutes

Lap 3 I was feeling beat passed Jason at the start of the lap (he was doing 5 laps not 3) and began a lap alone. I saw Taylor Web about 10 minutes into the lap just ahead of me. I realized that he was riding a SS to so we were in the same category. I didn't think I could over take him but I set that as the goal and it help me keep my pace up and my spirits. About 2 miles from the end I passed Taylor on a hill climb and sprinted for some distance between us on the flat. I at that point realized I was using strategy in a race, not just trying to survive to the end.

I did learn one thing overall I'm getting better with practice and I'm a Single speeder. I then had too many beers and a good time after the race. Thanks to everyone for a great course and good time.

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MrDaveyGie said...

You single speeders are manimals.

Oh, and Courtney "to much beer" ??