Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Race and outlook for next year...

It looks as if Spooky Cross is going to be my last race for the year.  I'm kind of sad to not be able to make Jingle cross (even though that isn't set in stone yet) I do think it's been a good season.  I have again this fall started running again and I know "running is for felons" -Marco but I can get a good tempo zone 3/4 workout in 40 minutes to an hour at night without lights, a lot of layers, bike clothes, and most importantly no plan as to were I'm going.  The were should I ride thing usually ends me up at a bar in Cumming, IA, or the lean too.  So far next year is anyone guess but I have 3 Goals :  Trans-Iowa, 24 hours of Seven Oaks (12 hour solo), and run a marathon (spring hopefully).  So one last good race for the year then into the fun in the snow this winter.  Bring the cold I'm ready are you?

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