Monday, October 4, 2010


Got out yesterday for Altoona cross, to watch not race. Excuses are like my thing, I make excuses for everything if I'm not the best at it or perfect, there is an excuse. I think I've always been a perfectionist 'if your not first your last' - ricky bobby. Even though that quote is from the stupidest movie ever (well that's kind of a toss up) it still holds a lot of truth as to how I think about stuff. Maybe I'm wrong and so is ricky bobby. So as an overweight (but not obese anymore) 30 year old. I need to start either doing stuff or not doing stuff and stop making excuses for everything. So back to Altoona I had plenty of excuses to not race 2 days before and I still had to make sure so I road a single speed up to altoona and left my wallet at home so there was no way I could race. I mean lets face it I wasn't going to win anyway I was still sick, or even if I was well and everyone else was sick I would still lose. So I need to remember that winning is not the point of bike racing for me, it might never happen and thats okay. I have to keep telling myself that. So 50 miles on the single speed yesterday and ride home with Rich Wince (one hour at 19-22 mph) was a way better workout than cyclocross.

So after all that I fell down on the sofa and watched tv will hacking my lungs up. All I could think was what a perfect day, again. Maybe I am getting more positive in my old age. Now to go have a good day at work.

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Iowagriz said...

Last race that I won, was probably in the 90s. However, I'm getting fitter and faster. I only compare my results with other ahead of me and behind me. To me that is the fun of racing on dirt. I just want to beat the one in front of me and stay in front of the one behind me