Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A calm in the storm

After a Terrible day at work today, which has become normal actually. I got ready to sneak out the side door after yet another 'no one goes home until...' speech. I rode home in the rain cursing the weather and the day and my boss and myself. As always I feel down and like a total failure when I leave Wal-mart, but a little worse today.

I got home picked up my mountain bike, and since my plans to ride dirt got changed headed out for Mullets for beer and dinner. Hoping the beer would lighten my mood. After 20 minute ride down I decided I'm not going down like that and pass on the beer/food. I stopped on the bridge on Neil Smith trail to sit down and think. I didn't figure much out but I did have a feeling of peace at that point. I opted for ride home and have some pizza and beer with the wife. The day has improved already, and I didn't need the beer to make it better but it's still good.

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