Monday, November 15, 2010

Broken list (almost)

After a couple hours of cleaning and carefully repairing the outer threads on the SS's crankset.  I got them to go back together!  Normally this failure would mean upgrade time however the Stylo 1.1 is the top of the line for single speed unless you go to carbon.  I love carbon cranks but really a $300+ crankset for a $600 bike that I beat the hell out of...I think not.  Until I find one for under $100.  So I got it back together and placed half a tube of thread locker in it (it might not come back apart so easily).  Thats okay It needs to make it for a couple more seasons and I will look at a whole new bike at that point.  With that all said finishing the race with one crank arm (last 3/4 lap) was really cool even if I do say so myself.