Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jingle Cross 2010

Well one day of cross racing this weekend was great!  I wasn't feeling the race at the beginning, middle or end.  However it was still fun! The stairs/ramp thing that they built was fun and Mnt  Krumpit was grueling as per usual.  I did finish on the lead lap (usual goal) and 50 of 77 wasn't as bad as it could be,  I did finish at least 4 laps 10 miles ouch!  The cold got the best out of me later and I missed the sunday race didn't even feel good enough to watch the race.  Still recovering....  Have some pictures.

Wanda is still Smiling!
Go Q7!


Thanks to Geoffs bike for the heat/beer!

"mix you a drink?"

There is beer at the end of this race!

Master's race

Death Squad! 

Seriously I've thought about doing this.


I'm getting better at this cross thing.

Go Daddy!

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