Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long days ahead

With yesterdays 12 hour shift at work (8-8) I was surprised that when I got home I still felt like going out for a run so I hit a 4 mile loop around the junction and the vegged out on the coach.  Today is another 8-8 blah but at least I managed to get monday off!  I exchange I have to work Thanksgiving from 8am until noon on Friday! so a 28 hour shift with a 6 hour sleep window on thursday afternoon (that I probably will not get anyway).  However the long day should end after that and leave me back to normal since I'm in the Grocery Department now and our holiday ends on Thanksgiving day.  So I will not be able to get to Cranksgiving or Tour de lights this year but,  I will be at both days of Jingle cross!!!! and I will be talking myself into racing both days.

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