Sunday, November 14, 2010

State Cross 2010

State cross was the first time I have ever done 2 races the same day, but the opportunity presented its self and I could help myself.

First was Single speed,  with the category only having 7 people in it and 5 of them being very fast I instantly was off the back I hung with them to the first barriers and watched Kevin and Brian dismount them at 15+ and remount not missing a beat.  So I decided to see how many of the masters (who started a few seconds ahead of us) that I could pick off.  I passed several riders and was holding my spot when my left crank arm came off.  So I quickly noticed it was unfixable and pocketed the crank arm and took off to finish the lap on one pedal.  I did finish on one pedal and as some one later said I was almost able to catch you at the end and I realized you only had one pedal.  Single Speed single leg! thats how I roll.  I got 6 out of 7 in single speed (finished and wasn't last)

About an hour and a couple beers later (not the best idea) was the Cat 4 race.  I started at the back since I registered late and was off the back right away.  I did manage to pick several people off during the race and got a real race in with one other rider who I couldn't shake for 4 laps and couldn't let him beat me either (it's a race thing) so last lap came around and I know my strength is hills.  So I dropped him on the first hill and kept what little of the hammer was left down.  I finished in a hard sprint (with no one) just because I could I guess.  I was 18 of 24 and finished on the lead lap at almost an hour.  

So race goals always used to be finish and don't be last.  I have upgraded them to finish on lead lap and see how many people I can beat.  I guess have fun too....  

Masters and Single speed race

Couldn't make the hill with one crank arm

Single speeds aren't suppose to have mechanical problems

Started cat 4 off the back (legs said NO)

The coarse was great
This is fun ( at least that is how I choose to remember it)

The trill is in the Chase

Finish line Sprint (even though there was no one close to me)

It's bad that his bike is heavier than mine

Kids Races are always fun

Proud Daddy :)

Go Monkey Go!
Taylor Webb