Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Gym.

I actually went to the Y yesterday and lifted weights blah.  I think if I make a schedule out of it I can keep that going though out the winter and maybe not put on any weight this winter :)  I also think it could improve my mountain biking skills if I built a little upper body strength.  My legs felt great some of the machines I found my weight amount on them was the whole stack of iron.  The calf press only has 400 lbs and that is about right for 3-4 sets the squat machine only goes to 340lbs and that is only 20 lbs too much for me right at the moment.  The upper body is not so strong though so that is what I will work on.

I also think I get coolness points in the snow when I pull up to the health club on my bike and go to spin class.  (I hate spin class)


Nick said...

Spin class? Are you giving up on the winter riding? It's almost time to break out the studs!

Courtney said...

I rode in on studs today, and of course I'm winter riding! Going for record milage next year. And indoor riding isn't mileage