Saturday, November 13, 2010

The End is Near....

With winter fast approaching and fall fading away you have to stop and admire that even though these roses are dead from the frost, it is still beautiful.
So as short sleeve cycling season end just remember winter rides are always an adventure and always Epic.  So don't think that you need to go to the gym or get on your trainer, go outside figure out what works for you in the winter (time, clothes, bikes, route) and go have fun just like the summer.  I promise the cold only feels cold for a couple minutes.  I'll be out there.
Oh ya I heard something about snow up north today, we could see some by thanksgiving!  

So my advise for winter cycling :

1. Try layers most people over dress

2. A good base layer and jacket are good to 10 degrees

3. Consider wind even a 5 mph wind can make 30 degrees feel like -20 (5mph wind + 15 mph biking = cold)
4. don't get out to far till you know your limit, and if you do there is no shame in sitting in a caseys and drinking a coffee (or beer) to warm up your hands and toes

5.Alcohol will make you COLDER (seriously after the ride at a bar close to home)

6.The hardest part is getting out the door (you'll be glad you did it 5 minutes into the ride)

7.Stay off bike trails unless you have studded tires (they are icy due to poor drainage and you will fall down)

If in doubt go for a short run (sweat pants, sweat shirt) even at -10 you'll still be warm

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Steph said...

Nice list. #6 - SO TRUE.