Sunday, November 7, 2010

Haro Mary Single Speed Review

Well after over a year I have managed to put a 1,000 miles on this machine.  Thats actually a really long time for me as far as milage goes but it is a single speed mountain bike after all.  I have only taken this bike on 2 gravel rides and maybe 3 paved trail rides.  The lower gearing and the fat tires make pavement into real torture and my cross single speed is better on gravel.  So most this milage is single track.  I will say I only changed 2 things on this bike the handle bars and the gearing.  The On One Mary bar that it came with is a little different off road I like it on my commuter though and have purchased another one for my tandem but not a good off road feel to it.  Of course gear ratio is a personal choice thing for everyone I like 34x18 around here the bike came with 32x20 which is okay in the snow but really slow the rest of the year.  So overall the bike is great only problem I've had was squeaky e-centeric Bottom bracket, but a little teflon plumbing tape fixed that mostly.  The other issue was with the seat post, but that's my fault for falling down a lot.

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MrDaveyGie said...

'falling down a lot' beer does that to me too. :-)