Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All day on a the Mary SS

Yesterday I took my wife and son out for a trailer ride. I choose the single speed mountain bike with burley trailer attached. My wife took a road bike (no fair) after one hell of a workout on the Great Western Trail we arrived home just in time for me to head out to watch cross practice. I took the SS mountain bike since it was already out. Got to good park (13th and university) via Denmans/squirrels nest. I do think that single speed mountain is not a good around town vehicle but it does give you a good workout spinning your life away to do 18mph. Had some beers with Luggs and another under the freeway overpass on the greenbelt trail watching the rain fall. Got to love the rain rides. I think I'm riding the Mary SS (need a cooler name for this bike) on the fat tire 'ride' saturday maybe a gravel grinder before hand.

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