Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good Times

Monday I headed out for my first ride since I hurt my back (except riding to work of course). I didn't want to over do it so it was a short 30 mile ride got the chance to try out my front racks on my cross and also took my mug for Rock Bottom (got the bring your own huge mug invite a while ago). So I took a quick run to the lean-to found out how hard front bags make it in a headwind. However I got to the lean-to and had beer that must have accidently fallen in my front packs(oops). I felt like I had got something back that had been missing last week like that feeling you get when your going somewhere and you know that you left something at home but just can't remember. That feeling was gone as I sat on a park bench in clive behind the oil tanks on my way to rock bottom I watched the blinking of my tail light as I had the last beer in my pack (3) and realized that this was the best ride this year, but the next one will be too. I met up with my Dad at Rock Bottom for a couple of beers and some hot wings (Tie-Chili wings and Pumpkin ale :) ) The ride home was also very pleasant I didn't even mind the downpour and I took my time and thought man I wish my ride wasn't over already.

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Steph said...

sounds like a great ride :)