Friday, October 30, 2009

Into the Darkness the fun on Winter

The adventure this week started on Monday night after work. I had decided to hit the gym since I got off at 8:30 and no matter what I tell myself in the morning I never go ride by myself after a late shift. I hate working out inside! Tuesday I was ready for a real workout or some fun in the woods at least. I headed out into the darkeness around 6:30 and strait to Squirrels nest to try the new stuff out. The beginner skinny is Awesome 3 tries and I got it (without falling down :)) The small teeter tooter isn't even hard the large teeter I didn't try but I was going to watch someone do it first then try so saved that for the taco ride. Hit hillside next for a loop at this point I realize that my light needs to be on me helmet so I can see were I'm going (almost missed a switchback) So I headed back to denmans for a couple laps then hit the black label (Des moines city streets should count as gravel milage) for 45 minutes to get a nice spinout (32x20) Then home before the 3 hours on the light runs out. Wednesday night rode with Mike Dunker for a taco ride 2 laps of denmans and squirrels nest a couple tacos 3 beers and back out for a night ride with Rick at 8:15 (Rick 'medium pace' ride was a little much for my gearing and limited night Mountain bike experience but I didn't get too far behind and will also be kicking up one gear on the Mary SS, however still had a great time and got on heck of a workout (the 3 beers were gone after denmans). So 45 miles of dirt in 2 nights and a night at the gym have left my abs sore and knees ache a little (spinning out all the time) But give me dirt in the dark over the gym any day!

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