Sunday, October 4, 2009

Off to the funny-farm

I've completely lost my mind or something. I am actually going 'win' this race

I'ts time to push the distance thing all the way I guess it's like 300 and some odd miles of gravel my goal would be to win. (WIN [win] - verb 1. to finish before the time cut off 2. not be labeled with things like DNF,DFL 3. less flats than the amount of tube you bring with you ) I find that by changing the meanings of words I can make myself seem a lot cooler than using the correct word like participate. So I'll be seeing A lot of gravel this winter and spring I'm hoping to have the touring bike done by February. If I use some nice gravel touring tires:

And I realize they are like $100 per tire but who can put a price on finishing or I mean winning.

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