Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wheel Building 101

This first wheel I built yesterday I used the directions (thanks bicycling) but they didn't include in the directions to make sure you where using the spokes for the correct wheel. So after lacing up 40 spokes and turning 40 nipples (still sound dirty) all the way down I realize these spokes are too long. Then I thinking maybe or micrometer measurements and crayon marking (actually measured with a micrometer and marked with masking tape) were off a little. Then I remebered that the front hub measurements were in the computer and had to be accurate. They would have been measured in Germany by the builder of the hubs and since germans never make a mistake (so you would think there would be a link here but i'll just remind everyone that they speak french in france still) i assume there measurements are correct. Then I realize I used that I'm not german so I made the mistake I used the wrong set of spokes. At this point I got to unlace the wheel then do it again. After 3 wheel builds yesterday I can lace one in 15 minutes. I also put on the set post and the extra brooks (I know this sounds wrong)

So the list for this build is getting much smaller :
1 set sram brifters (rival most likely)
1 Force front and rear derailler
1 10 speed 11-28 rear cassette
1 42cm road handlebars
2 schawalbe marathon xr tires
1 10 speed sram chain
2 long reach brake calipers
1 kick stand ( just got a chill from that)
1 super high priced cycle computer
1 roll of brooks dark brown bar tape
1 set of arkel bags
120 cans of bud heavy (some left over to put in the bags)
1 park bench (to set next to my new bike and drink the beer)

Today we are going to ride out to Martensdale (maybe) with a burley and monkey for a good old fashion trailer park ride. I find that pulling the burley on my Mary SS I get a good workout.

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