Friday, October 9, 2009

Last ride in short sleeves?

Wednesday night I took out the cross bike with bags and an 18 pack of Bud to meet up with John and some other people that ride out to cummings tap every week. To start out I'm running late and trying to make up time on the bike I get to Orlandos as everyone is just getting on the trail so all is well and I should be able to catch them. I get across park ave and feel the back of the bike move around a lot and realize I flatted the tire. So after a 10 minute tire change of the strongest tires in the world (tire levers??) I'm back on course I finally catch up at the lean-to good sprint though. On the way home we might have had some beers in the tunnel under highway 5.

Thursday I drove (I know how to do that sort of) up to altoona with the family to check out the new Bass Pro Shop. It's a really great store and it is HUGE all they are missing is a cycling department. They have a bowling ally would a Velodrome be too much?

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