Monday, October 26, 2009

The New Road.

After a bad cycling month I was ready for some good old fashion paved highways. Saturday I was planning the Van meter Minburn loop backwards. I did hit the new road going though dallas center and it's perfect no holes or patches or bumps. It did feel very winter like (since most of my winter riding is on some part of this route) but the small amount of sun light through the clouds and very mild headwinds along with the quiet openness that you only find out on the open roads made me feel alot better. This improved feeling only lasted for a short time however because my body started to remind me around 40 miles or so that I'm still finishing up a cold/flu and not at 100% yet. As I turned onto p-58 from miniburn road the bonking started. I was actually wishing I had not rode a fixie at this point as the wind had shifted and was directly infront of me. I did give up about 5 miles later I saw the racoon river trail and turned onto it for my return home. It was nice though the trees and even the poison ivy are very pretty this time of year and the ride though wet leaves wasn't even that bad.

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