Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last Chance for skinny tires

I hung up my road bike after the Dr Bob ride last month, but left the bowery in the 'garage' for hopefully one last road century. This wasn't looking favorable with the long long line of things that have kept me from riding the last month. Sunday was my target day I was going to ride right after church until just after dark. The cold/flu crap that is going around changed my mind. I did ride hillside once and go downtown on the mountain bike (this felt like a century) then came home and crashed (for 2 days). I'm feeling a little better but have a ways to go. I'm still hoping to get in my last road century this year (13th) and one more gravel century (2nd) however I would like to do the road one on skinny tires not on a cross bike in the snow. That reminds me I was thinking about a snow century in December are there any other insane people out there that think that sounds fun? I do have a 4 day weekend coming up the first weekend in november (sat-tue) so maybe that will be the time for both. Either way I'll be riding the bowery some this weekend because It's been hanging too long and is very lonely (haven't road it since July). Plus all this freewheeling is making me lazy.


Steph said...

I'm not in any shape for a snow CENTURY...

but-- any fun snow-biking days you go out-- lemme know!

I have to snow-bike!!

Maverick said...

i would be game for a snow centry. i can ride someitme during your 4 day weekend- myabe i can take a day of or something.. maybe we can go for a quick ride Sunday-mike