Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Bicycle, The Cold, and The Snow

This state has a weather problem. So all of us have to get over it and adapt to our own version of hell. I started out this morning by wiping snow from my bike to go to work. A good ride to work even in the heavy falling snow it wasn't bad, but I realized I got ripped off I should have had today off because I would have been on a mountain bike all day. I kept looking out the window and wishing I was out on a gravel ride in the snow and the cold and the mud. After work however I got my wish and took a 2.5 hour gravel/black label spin out session on my Mary SS. All the rock roads out to cummings were dry (I was a little disappointed) even the B road by the airport was dry. The way back I decided to hit the black label GWT my tail light had failed so highway isn't really very safe without a tail light. This is another first for me I kept a taillight long enough for the batteries to die.

So all I have to say is bring on the cold I'm ready it's gravel time! :)

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