Monday, October 19, 2009

Gearing down for dirt.

Yesterday I came down with the sickness (really sick not the song) and missed the marathon start to sleep in that means it was really bad. I did in the afternoon decided to re gear my mountain bike a little. For some reason I keep hurting my back with the 32x18 ratio. This is due to the fact that I'm overwieght and a so so mountain biker. So I put the 20 back on the back wheel. After a quick run though hillside I felt a little better getting the heart rate cranked up always helps the crud. However after leaving the pool parking lot the little hill (on the blacktop) almost took every bit of juice I had left. I did make it downtown to see the end of the marathon and hang out with the support crew for an hour or so. The new gear is perfect for hillside horrible on the pavement so it's perfect. I was spun out (at 15 mph) all the way home from downtown. It does look like the e-centric bottom bracket has 2 more teeth worth of spacing so I can get a 22 in for snow, but I get to that if the snow flies (lets hope not).

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