Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adventure Bike

The last week I have tested the Masi touring bike for gravel/off road tracks. Found that I need a very much lower gear than my 34x28. I got in my 36/24 Stylo 2.2 yesterday so I will be trying that out. I did hit the 'water'belt (greenbelt) trail yesterday for what turned out to be some off road urban assault. Had to climb out at every underpass up the grass and mud. I was impressed that I was able to handle the off road sections so well with front bags this is very encouraging for trans wisconsin in June.
Thursday night I got Mike Dunker out of the house for a short ride to the Cumming Tap. Had a good time on the southern gravel south of norwalk. The gravel is in great shape considering the rain fall lately. So go out and get dirty!

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