Monday, March 22, 2010

Bike Trails :)

65 miles last night of bike trails and gravel taught me something, I like the gravel roads. My single speed cross bike was a little undergeared for the pavement 38x17 and 40 psi knobby tires made the bike trail a ton of work, and a good workout. After Adel we encountered big piles of snow everywhere so we hopped of onto the gravel. This is were my gearing was perfect and I had my doubts on tubeless CX but it really works great in the fresh gravel and muddy stuff. This was my first ride more than like 25 miles on pavement this year and I believe I will be sticking mostly to the dirt this year. My milage is a bit short of last years so far but it is a lot of dirt miles so I'm okay with that.

BTW: Racoon river trail is ridable to Adel right now.


Nick said...

The GWT is open end to end. Just don't go too far on the waterworks end, you'll end up in the water!

Steph said...

watch out for the f-ing glass on the GWT!!!

someone dumped a bunch of windows and mirrors and other random crap over the old Army Post road bridge.

Im bringing a broom next time.

Got myself a back flat from hitting the patch of glass... :(