Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring in 3 days

Got a short 20 miler in last night with Rick, Bruce, Megan, and started with couple others. A little episode of when animals attack (hope the head heals up Kim) and Chris I'll do better with what bike to bring in the future. I took the Masi out since I know I can't keep up with Rick anyway I figured some good miles OTB. That is exactly what I got did one loop on the connector and bombed down 63rd street to Giffs. After a couple hours 1 taco 2 slices of pizza and I think the group had 5 pitchers of Fat tire (5 of us) I headed home. So back to the 3 day thing I have sunday off this week so I will be dusting off the summer commuter and taking apart the winter commuter (full of salt and other garbage) this means it is spring for me! It was nice riding a bike with more than 30psi in the tires last night.

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