Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Park Ride '10

Took the Family to Raccoon River Park last night for a picnic and 7 mile bike ride. You don't think about 7 miles as distance but to little legs seven miles is a long way. They all have a great time, and are actually very good on the trail and the road.
Austyn and Patrick had been ready all day

Abbie wore her PJ's
Stopped for some Mountain Biking several times through the ditch.

Austyn did really good riding through the ditch!
Watch out for Future PRC Mountain biker

For Patrick everything is a race.
Picnic time burgers and chips and beer ;)
Patrick and bike in the burley, Abbie got to use the 'cool' light
rechargeable helmet light
His and Hers


Steph said...

Look like a nice family night out !:)

Steph said...

also.... you should sell me that Masi.