Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feel the Rush

I thought this morning why not ride over to hillside and see how it looks. Finally after lunch I got to go, as I approached the connector trail is all under water so I jumped onto the railroad tracks. Headed down the tracks for a mile or so to the Bill railly trail. I got to hillside and the entrance is washed out and water is flowing down the middle, but after that short 3 foot section it is all in very good shape. All I'm saying is I made the first track in the mud at the entrance, but didn't leave tire marks on the rest of the trail. The rush hit me as so
on as I got on the dirt I stood up and up shifted (I know gears) cranked up the climb to the top didn't even slow down into the first turn all the way around then the second my heart is still pounding and sweat running down my face back around straight down the long decent (left at the top of the hill) came around the second corner and up to a small log over. I must get use to new bike before hitting the speed (lol) but hit to fast and didn't get my weight back and rode a front wheel wheelie several feet before setting the back tire down and riding on. The only thing I could think was I wish someone was here to see that. Finished the first lap and then straight back up for another. This lap on the long decent I jumped the second drop and must have hit the edge of a root or something and poof out comes a cloud of white gas from the front tire. I even got some leaves in the bead, put a co2 in and finished the lap then hit the railroad the other way. Had some fun riding about 5 miles of railroad gravel checking out the flooding and other wonderful things in spring in Iowa. So I'm ready to get out on the dirt and drop the hammer, ride until my legs burn, lungs bleed, and I'm ready to vomit. After months of putt-putt it's great to feel that rush again!

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