Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to ride with the kids again :)

Tonight I hope to take the family on a park ride, it's nice now that 2 of them can power themselves the 2.5 miles to Raccoon river park. We take some charcoal, beer, food and grill on one of those big iron grills they have cemented to the ground. There is a nice gravel loop around the lake 4 miles or so that is a great intro to kids for road riding, not as many pedestrians as the bike trails and a little more like mountain biking. They always complain about how "long" and "far" it is around the lake but you mention go for a bike ride and they are dressed and ready to go. My oldest I hope to get into Denmans (if it ever resurfaces) this year her new 20" bike has 6 speeds and a "shock". I'm ready for summer!

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