Friday, March 19, 2010

Dirty metric #4

Catholic Drinking Holiday provided me with another metric for the year. Took a new route due to the flooding of the gravel road outside of Booneville that I usually take to 105 wound around Badger creek st park and caught 105 out to Ealrham. Then plan was to go 2 miles south and take 120 back, but 120 is gone close to Ealrham. So seeing the sign for the Hogback bridge that looked like a good photo op. Since my Facebook photo was a little old I proceeded to ride 20 miles out of the way to get a picture. It was great some old crumbling structures mark the way as I flew down Hogback bridge rd. Went from 800ft elevation to 500ft in 3 miles and I knew that would be killer to climb out of but I got my picture. I had to talk a post into hold my camera for me but it was great the sun came out just as I got to the bridge and everything was perfect. I had planned to go through Bevington on the way home to get the full century but lack of planning on my part stopped me. I failed to bring enough water or to bring any chain lube, and by this point the bike sounded like a rusty gate so the cumming tap was in order for a couple beers. I figured since I shorted my plan on the way home I'd hit some good heart rates on the connector, who knew a touring bike would do 30mph if you really push it. ouch!

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